Urgent Mold Remediation in Tampa Bay FL

Mold is virtually found everywhere – It is in the air and on surfaces. People react differently to mold exposure. What is harmful for one person can cause very little symptoms to another. What is important to note is that long-term exposure to indoor mold is unhealthy for everyone. In Tampa Bay, the impact of mold and the importance of mold removal are emphasized through guidelines issued by the Florida Department of Health.

There are particular groups of molds that can manufacture chemicals termed as "mycotoxins". These are more commonly called toxic mold. As the name suggests, these are the molds that can contribute or cause health conditions to occur. It is when these types of mold are found in the house that mold remediation becomes a priority.

Since it can be difficult to determine what kind of mold there is right off the bat, property owners are recommended to have the same kind of urgency when there is mold at the home. Regardless of whether the mold is a mycotoxin, there are health implications to having mold in the area.

High levels of molds in the home can have negative health implications. Examples of what may be felt by residents exposed to the molds are rashes, sinus problems, eye irritations, and asthma. Fatigue and flu-like symptoms can also be experienced. Usually, symptoms go away after there is mold removal.

Mold growth can be prevented by getting rid of excess water. Without moisture, mold cannot begin to grow. The best way to prevent mold from starting in the property is to control the level of dampness. It only takes 24 hours for common molds to grow in stagnant water. Keep humidity levels under 60% and make sure that there is proper ventilation when showering or cooking.

Any spills should be cleaned up and dried up within 24 hours of occurrence. This includes building materials and carpets. Whenever possible, use an air conditioner or dehumidifier to lessen the indoor humidity levels of the home. In addition to these, central air conditioning systems and dehumidifiers used should be examined regularly to make sure that they are clean and functioning properly.

Should there be mold found in the home, mold removal should take place as soon as the mold is discovered. The person who does the cleaning should not be experiencing any of the symptoms associated with mold infestation and there should always be protective gear worn. Small patches of mold can be cleaned up using detergent and water. A commercially available mildew or mold cleaner may also be used. After the area has been disinfected, the location should then be dried completely. It is important to discard the sponges and rags used for the mold cleanup.

If the mold returns, it could be an indication of an underlying problem like a water leak. The source of the mold problem should be eliminated to get rid of the molds permanently. If the mold growth is severe that they cover more than just a patch of the wall or ceiling, consult the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Information is readily available from the Indoor Air Quality Information Clearinghouse.

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