Preventing Smoke Damage and Facilitating Odor Control in Tampa Bay, Florida - Abiding by the Building Code

The Construction Services Division of Tampa Bay has certain building code requirements that need to be followed. These guidelines function to make properties safer against the occurrence of fires. When these regulations are not kept, the residents of the property are at risk of injury or even death. The home or building is also in danger as it can be damaged not only by the fire, but also by the fire’s after-effects.

Fire is not just about the charring or scarring of the walls and ceilings. It can also be about smoke damage, which is identified by the lingering smell of smoke. The presence of this smell can make it uncomfortable for occupants stay in the property. Odor control can be hard and quite expensive since it usually requires specialized equipment. With this in mind, avoiding fires and consequently, the smoke, is the best way to protect properties.

According to the building code, the home or building should have the appropriate wind uplift connectors. There should also be a hurricane connector schedule that is resistant to uplift loads. The purpose of these is to protect the electrical systems of the property and prevent electrical fires from starting.

If a pool can be found in the vicinity, the lights used should be bonded or covered. Coverings should also be found on conductive pool shells and electrical equipment, and all metallic components found in the pool. The purpose of these coverings is to minimize stray currents from happening and thus, shock potential.

Smoke damage can happen from fires that begin from mismanaged electrical systems. But, that is not the only source of fires. It can happen from many different unexpected reasons. It is this unpredictable nature that makes smoke detectors vital to properties. The Tampa Bay building code requires for a smoke detector to be installed inside the bedrooms, outside the bedrooms, or in the hallways of each floor level.

In addition to the fire alarms, glass should be used correctly in the property. Glass panels or doors should not be installed in dangerous places like fire exits or nurseries. It is best to use tempered or laminated glass. In times of emergency, glass can easily shatter so the lamination can provide extra protection.

It is also important to have correctly sized stair steps and risers used in the property. Residential dwellings should have risers measured at 7 3/4" as a maximum. As for the treads, they should be a minimum of nine inches in length. Commercial buildings should have risers at a maximum of seven inches while the treads should be at least 11 inches.

Smoke damage means that residents have to contend with soot and the smell of smoke, which can cause respiratory ailments. The damage can be difficult to control because the smell clings to surfaces such as walls, furniture, and fabrics. The molecules can even travel to different parts of the home by being sucked in air conditioning or ventilation systems. When this happens, calling professional cleanup companies for help can get rid of the smell of smoke in the room.

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