Drinking Water and Water Damage in Sarasota FL

The drinking water in Sarasota, Florida comes from 50 deep-water wells that tap into the Upper Floridian aquifer. There are pumping locations that include the Verna Wellfield, the Downtown Wellfield, and Bobby Jones Wellfield. The groundwater fulfills the requirements of two separate treatment processes. The water is disinfected, degassified, and then adjusted to have the appropriate pH. These processes and resources are meant to meet the water needs of the city of Sarasota.

However, the water found in Sarasota is not always clean. They may be contaminated by a variety of reasons such as water damage in Sarasota FL. As the water travels over surfaces, minerals or even radioactive material can be dissolved in the liquid. The water can also pick up substances that come from animals or human activities.

Some of the most common contaminants that are found in the source water include microbes like bacteria. These can come from sewage plants or septic systems that were damaged. Inorganic contaminants like salts and metals can come from urban communities. Pesticides and herbicides are also sources of contamination. These toxic materials are not just found in areas of agriculture as they can also come from residential uses.

Chemical contaminants are some of the most dangerous foreign materials that can stem from water damage in Sarasota FL. They can come in the form of synthetic and volatile organic chemicals. These are by-products of industrial plants such as the production of petroleum. Gas stations and septic systems can also produce these chemicals. Radioactive contaminants are not just the kind from nuclear activities. They can be naturally occurring or come from mining activities.

It is difficult to get rid of all the contaminants found in the drinking water. Drinking water, including those that are bottled, may reasonably be expected to have trace amounts of impurities. It is important to note that the presence of these contaminants do not mean that the water is already a health risk. The body’s natural defenses can take on certain levels of these contaminants, as long as they are in small amounts.

The Environmental Protection Agency has certain regulations that make sure that the water is safe enough to drink. These guidelines determine the proper levels of contaminants found in the water that comes from public water systems. When it comes to bottled water, it is the Food and Drug Administration that regulate the contaminants.

In addition to simply testing the water that makes it into the faucets of residential and commercial areas of Sarasota, the local government takes steps in order to ensure that water damage in Sarasota FL is kept at a minimum. Making sure that the sewer and stormwater pipes as well as the treatment facilities are in good working conditions lessen the risk of contamination. Regular inspection and repairs are conducted in these places by the pertinent local agencies. The water supplied by the city to its residents is also frequently tested to ensure that they are safe enough to consume.

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